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For many years, this tiny country roughly the size of South Carolina, was only known for the engineering Wonder of the World that connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans: the Panama Canal. However, during the last few years, more and more people are starting to discover the vast natural and cultural wonders that Panama has to offer.

Located between 7 and 9 degrees north of the Equator, Panama boasts immense tracks of tropical rainforest. Within its small surface it contains a great variety of tropical habitats; including Caribbean coral reefs, Pacific mangrove wetlands, dry tropical forests, wet rainforests, all the way to mountain cloudforests with their moss-laden, orchid-covered trees. Three-toed SlothFurthermore, these tropical ecosystems harbor an incredible diversity of colorful flowers and plants, and a wide array of wild animals like sloths, toucans, anteaters, monkeys, etc. For example, in Panama there are about 960 different species of birds; that is far more than the total number of species found in the U.S. and Canada, combined ! Having more than 30% of its national territory protected, Panama presents excellent opportunities to see wildlife and learn about tropical environments. Most interesting is the fact that many of these protected areas are readily accessible, only minutes from the modern capital: Panama City.

For millennia people in the Americas have come through Panama in their journeys to colonize South America. Still today we can find the descendants of these indigenous groups comprising more than 10% of Panama's population. These tribes maintain their traditions much like they did centuries ago. It is an almost surreal experience to leave the skyscrapers of Panama City and only 40 miles away cruise up the majestic Chagres River in a dugout canoe through dense jungle, to come in contact with villagers that still live in the rainforest.

In addition, the settling of the continent by the Spaniards, the construction of the first Trans-Continental railroad, the French attempt to build a Canal, and later the American enterprise to build the waterway, has brought different peoples, the world over, to live in Panama. They have all contributed incredibly to the diverse culture of this tropical paradise. Panama City SkylineEven today, the flourishing trade between the East and West, taking place at the Colon Free Trade Zone and the financial district, attracts businesspeople from Europe, Asia, and Latin America to meet in Panama. This condition ensures a cultural diversity unparalleled in the rest of the region, and provides a very interesting cosmopolitan feel to the country. Moreover, Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America with a very low crime rate. In all the main towns you can find modern infrastructure, safe drinking water, in short: all the comforts of today's First World life.

And, Yes! There is the Panama Canal that now under Panamanian administration, continues to operate very efficiently; ensuring world commerce for centuries to come.

About Advantage Tours: Adventures in nature with the local advantage

Established by a team of experienced travel specialists and biologists, Advantage Tours strives to provide expertly crafted itineraries that give you a thorough understanding of the local culture as well as the animals and plants that thrive in the rainforests and coral reefs of this hidden tropical paradise called Panamá.

Whether you just want to relax on a deserted beach, or you prefer to shop for some local crafts , or even if you are looking for that elusive endemic bird species you are missing in your life list; Advantage Tours will help you customize a hassle-free visit, properly suited for your interests, time, and budget. One that will not only leave you with a profound understanding of the local culture and natural history but will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

People from around the world as well as prestigious institutions from the USA and Canada have experienced our services to discover the real Panama, and have been incredibly delighted with their adventures with us. For more information you may look at some testimonials from former participants.


At the heart of Advantage Tours is our team of interpretive guides. We have some of the country's best; they excel at passionately sharing their love for Panama with our guests. Well educated, our guides have received university training in tourism or biology and are masters of interpretive skills. Most of them have more than a decade sharing with guests the wonders of Panama's cultural and natural heritage. Besides being extremely informative, our guides make it a priority to look after your safety, comfort and enjoyment. They currently hold or are working on their certification by the National Association for Interpretation from the USA, and are certified in First Aid and CPR. Meet our guides...