Advantage Panama

Birdwatching the Darien

If the few hundred species recorded during our Birdwatcher’s Paradise program just left your eyes wanting to see more, then we can offer exactly what you need. We will take you to a completely different region of Panama: the Darien Province. This is the largest region of Panama, yet the least populated. This condition allows the Darien to boast one of the last vast tracts of primary forest in Middle America. Moreover, the Darien region is one of the world’s greatest Hot Spots of biodiversity.

Our Darien Jungle Expedition is designed to reveal a whole new cast of bird characters, species with a greater affinity to South America that will complement our sightings during your visit to Central and Western Panama. Plus a chance to visit large tracts of primary rainforest. Be advised that the remote locales that we will be visiting do not offer the comforts of city hotels and lodges, nor the fine dinning that you have tasted in other regions of Panama. For the most part we will be lodging in a remote field station up on stilts like those used by the native indians. It will be very rustic, but clean and safe. Beds with mosquito netting will be provided. Moreover, you we will enjoy traditional meals with rice, fruits, plantains, chicken, tuna, and the like.