Advantage Panama

If someone asked you to dream of the perfect birding destination, your mind would go wild with different vivid images.

You are inclined to picture a lush rainforest filled with life, where mix-species flocks with dozens of birds fly before you. Probably you are imagining a location where brightly colored resident species of birds share their home with thousands of migrants visiting from distant latitudes. You most likely try to conceive a place where the avifaunas from two distinct continents could meet.

Ideally, this place would have such a variety of environments that would allow you to go from marshes, to dry scrubby habitats, to rainforests, to foothills and all the way up to mountainous cloudforests- 3,000 feet high. All of which would be easily accessed on paved roads and less than 40 miles away.

Combine Panama’s natural and rich avifauna with expert birding guides to lead our birdwatching expeditions, and you have the ultimate birding program.
Take a look at our standard birding itinerary which provides a great overview of the country’s rich avifauna Birdwatchers Paradise 10d/9n .

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