Advantage Panama

The Republic of Panama, with its fantastic diversity of tropical ecosystems and intricate cultural history presents an extraordinary opportunity for an educational and fun experience of a lifetime.

Directed by Panama’s finest naturalists and biologists, activities in our educational programs can be adapted to accommodate both the middle school student group curious to learn more about rainforest wildlife and native cultures; as well as university groups, whose professors prefer a more in-depth academic content with field projects and lectures by guest-scientists.

Under our programs you will experience first hand the intricacies of interacting organisms in our various tropical ecosystems and the important role of native people.

Few places in the world can offer a variety of natural habitats in such a small surface like Panama. Within its mere 29,159 sq.mi., Panama offers from dry “deserts” where cacti and other succulents are common, to lush tropical rainforest, to mountain cloudforests where moss-covered epiphyte-laden trees abound, and all the way up to the near páramo habitat with it’s characteristic elfin or dwarfed vegetation and high endemism at over 10,000 feet.

As though the land ecosystems were not enough, Panama is bathed both by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Although there are only 50 miles (80 km) apart, they are two completely different realms. Moreover, the two coasts have various marine and estuarine ecosystems associated, including mangrove forests, mudflats, rocky shores, as well as sea grass beds. Panama allows the opportunity to study them all in a short period of time.

On top of all its natural wonders, Panama hosts an unparalleled cultural diversity for the region. From surviving pre-Columbian cultures to colonial history and the cosmopolitan metropolis that today brings together people the world over, here you find them all.

Combine Panama’s natural and cultural attributes with expert naturalists and biologists as instructors to conduct lectures and direct field research projects, and you have the ultimate educational program in the tropics.