Advantage Panama

Panama Birding Tours

Few places in the World offer a variety of natural habitats in such a small surface like Panama. Within its mere 29,159 square miles, Panama has habitats that range from dry “deserts” where cacti and other succulents are common, to lush tropical rainforests and mountain cloudforests where moss-covered epiphyte-laden trees abound.


Additionally, its location at the Crossroads of the Americas allows Panama bird species from both from North, Central, and South America.


Moreover, a diverse topography with peaks rising to more than 11,000 ft. in elevation, has created the perfect niche for endemism to flourish.


All in all, in its tiny surface area smaller than the state of South Carolina or the country of Austria, Panamá contains more than 977 different species of birds making of it a Birdwatchers Paradise!