Discounted trips in Panama

At Advantage Tours we strive to provide the best travel experiences in Panama at an affordable price. There are many reasons that allow us to achieve this:

  • We don´t spend huge amounts of funds in marketing (no glossy catalogue or Advertising
  • We don´t keep a fancy office in downtown or a huge office staff
  • We avoid brand-name accomodations or luxury hotels, and instead prefer more modest accommodations, closer to the natural habitats we explore.
  • We own most of the vehicles used on our tours, which allow us great trasnport costs
  • We avoid using Big-Name international Tour Leaders, instead rely on exceptional local professionals, that know the land like nobody else
  • In addition, we are well suited for customizing programs to give excellent group rates.

    Take a look at our most popular itinerary Birdwatcher´s Paradise in Panama , which will take you on an overview of the Panamanian avifauna and inquire about our group rates.