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Dos Rios Hotel

The Dos Rios Hotel is located on the slopes of the Barú Volcano, at the picturesque town of Volcan. It is surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation at an altitude of approx. 5,000 ft. above sea level. This nice wooden property, conveniently located at the heart of the Chiriqui mountains, allowing for easy access to the various birding hot spots we´ll be exploring. Additionally, the nearby gardens. not only contain beautiful flowers and butterflies, but you may also find Flame-colored Tanager, Rufous-collared Sparrow, Elegant Euphonia, Yellow-throats, etc. Web: Telephone: 011-507-771-

Hostal Casa de Campo

Hostal Casa de Campo is a family-run lodge nestled in the foothills just outside Panama City. The lush surrounding vegetations is extremely soothing. For us birders it is very convenient because the grounds provide habitat to a number of tropical species like toucans, motmots, and oropendolas. Web: Telephone: 011-507-297-0067.