Advantage Panama

Panama´s Remote Darien Jungle


Few places in the world offer a variety of natural habitats and wildlife in a tiny area like Panama. Additionally, its location at the Crossroads of the Americas allows Panama bird species from both from North, Central, and South America. The Darien is Panama´s bordering region with South America and it shares an abundant and diverse wildlife reminiscent to that of the Amazon Basin.

The Darien is the largest region of Panama, yet the least populated. This condition allows the Darien to boast one of the last vast tracts of primary forest in Middle America. Moreover, the Darien region is one of the World’s greatest Hot Spots of biodiversity. During this adventure we will be searching for some of the world’s least known cultures and wildlife. Perhaps the main reason these attractions are so poorly known and only few people get to see them is due to the remote locales where they are found and the LACK of tourism infrastructure. Even though there are no real lodges, restaurants, nor walking trails, and environmental conditions are not the most comfortable (bugs, heat, humidity…) we will make huge efforts to make of your visit as comfortable as possible.