Soberania Lodge

With aprox. 48,287 acres, the Soberania National Park contains an amazing biodiversity. Even though it is found some 40 minutes from downtown Panama City, this protected area boasts an incredible assortment of wildlife including five species of monkeys, two kinds of sloths and some 400 species of birds; plus thousands of butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, etc. Its geographical position in the middle of Panama allows for a nice variety of species both from Central America, as well as some organisms typically from South America.

Located in the small town of Gamboa, in the buffer zone of the Soberanía National Park, the Soberania Research Station & Lodge offers outstanding opportunities for wildlife observation and research in the adjacent rainforests. It is a preferred location for biologists from around the world who come to this site to conduct various research projects ranging from bird ecology and diversity, to behavioral studies in tropical bees, as well as herbivory in tropical rainforests, and much more.We have hosted scientists working with the Smithsonian Institution coming from all over the United States, as well as Poland, South Korea, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, among others. They all come to this site to learn about our tropical rainforests and the organisms found there..

In addition we receive a number of student groups from the USA and Canada who take field courses on tropical biology. Some of them are from middle schools, high schools, as well as at the college level. Learn more about our Educational Programs

Originally designed as a field station with mostly bunkrooms, we have recently upgraded some of our rooms to accommodate independent travellers. Even though they are still not fancy by any means, they provide some comforts like air conditioning, private bathrooms with hot showers, and WIFI internet. Most importantly our site provides easy access to the rainforest and wildlife, you will have a hard time pulling yourselves away from the dining room while watching dozens of birds, agouties, and ocassionaly monkeys.

On the grounds of the Soberania Research Station & Lodge you can find a great diversity of animals, ranging from dozens of species of butterflies and moths, to many iguanas and lizards, as well as scores of mammals like sloths, tamarin monkeys, night monkeys, kinkajous, agoutis, pacas, coatis, armadillos, and many more.

One of the most diverse groups of animals found around the property are hundreds of tropical bird species. Most of the usual Neotropical families are represented in the forest around us including over a dozen species of hummingbirds, flycatchers, and tanagers, four species of trogons, four species of manakins, three species of motmots, woodcreepers, and much more, Learn more about the many birds recorded around our Lodge.